The first results

The ivory and pink rose corset!! I photographed it over a cream skirt but I think this is the kind of corset that would look equally fabulous over a pair of blue jeans.

The corset measurements are:
Bust - 36 inches
Waist - 26 inches
Hip - 36 inches
Front length - 15.5 inches
Side length - 12 inches
Back length - 15.5 inches

Though don't forget that I can recreate this corset to any size or dimension and I'm happy to tweak other aspects, it's always fascinating for me to add another person's perspective to a design!

I had started to think about bringing more colour in to the idea, I have a really gorgeous dark green dupion satin that I think could bring out the green, leafy shades so beautifully. Of course it's just so typical that the perfect shade of green thread has to be the one that the sewing machine decides it isn't going to like and won't sew! I have to get my hands on some more midnight blue taffeta aswell or crepe backed satin, or maybe something a bit more floaty for the summer, I do love the blue!

Bound By Obsession corsetry

The experiments continue

The experiments with the paler appliquéd details also have both good
and bad qualities though different to the black, I like the subtlety of
the detail but it is hard to convey it in photographs.

I like the fact that you have to look a little closer at a garment
sometimes and everytime you look at it, you see something different,
some thing that catches the light in a new way, garments like that
never get boring or dull. I didn't do as much work in this test, I
just wanted to see the effect of the paler colour scheme.

Whilst doing that I remembered a gold chiffon that I had and stumbled
upon a gorgeous gold/olive taffeta that went so well, another design
for the future there! I
don't have much of the fabrics left so I didn't want to experiment with
them too much but did take some tiny snips for my design journal to
keep the colour scheme in my mind. I would need a design the was much
more elegant and classic for those fabrics, I jotted down a quick
sketch of something that sprang to mind. It was supposed to be a quick reminder of a delicate lacy rose/flower embroidered over an appliquéd
background but it did infact inspire me again, I tend to find floral fabrics really appealing and find myself buying all sorts of different styles, colours and weaves.
one of the latest ones that I purchased I had originally intended to be a lining fabric but its just so gorgeously kitsch I felt it was wasted being hidden away on the inside. I have cut a corset out of this fabric that I have to make soon but combining all the ideas I've just
had has taken over so I tried some experiments with appliquéing the
roses and flowers on to an ivory brocade background.

I was really taken with the pink rose appliqué so dove straight in to making a corset with that concept.

I chose a very simple corset pattern that I adapted from an original
victorian pattern some years ago that I most commonly use for bridal
corsets and evening wear. Whilst still being designed for a four inch
waist reduction and perfectly suitable for tightlacing, it is very easy
to wear and doesn't need to be heavily boned to create a stunning
hourglass shape, not an intimidating corset in any way, classic and
elegant and most importantly, closed fronted giving a fabulous platform
for creating images and art work!

I have nearly finished that corset, it needs it's bones and eyelets
then its done and I can photograph it. Then I can't decide whether to
do the blue flower appliqué or the ivory and black? Knowing me I will
have spotted something equally exciting and gone off on a tangent again
by then!!

Bound By Obsession corsets

Experiments with fine art and corsetry

Well the beginning of the year has been a bit of a roller coaster ride so far but things are starting to settle down a bit now, giving me the opportunity to pick up some of the arty ideas I started to develop over the last year... though I should say 'few' years, there are so many things I have planned to start, I've been collecting equipment for new arty experiments for so long and I'm dying to get my teeth in to something the world has never seen before!

I have ideas that have been rolling around in my brain for years, inspired particularly by three artists, Picasso, Dali and Giacometti. I do have a bit of a personal obsession with line and form and a deep seated passion for colour. One of the key phrases in my design journal last year was
'use line to create form and colour to convey emotion'. Giacometti has a stunning range of portraits that are deep and warming with a dark edge to them without being sinister or depressing in anyway, the emotion that he conveys with his use of colour is simple yet effective beyond comparision his limits on shades and tones make his minimal use of highlights absolutely breath taking, seeing a painting in a gallery, you rush up to get a closer look and the image almost disappears, awash with coarse, harsh and stark lines that make up the beautiful soft image that can be seen from further away, there was one portrait in particular that inspired me
the most, I am working on getting permission to post it here but until then I will have to leave you to google to see if you can guess which one it was!

I feel in some ways that I am contradicting my philosophy when I bring Picasso and Dali into this but it's not so much the work that they are famous for that inspired me, more the doodles and workings of developing ideas along with the use of colour in certain aspects and particular elements taken from their cubist paintings. There are tiny details in (what I would call the background) of some of their cubist and abstract paintings that for some reason grabbed my attention more than the over all pieces of work. Picasso did some gorgeous work in earthy, sepia tones with black detail, these were an inspiration to me far too many years ago back in art school and they still stick in my mind and I worry that I will never be able to do these inspirations any justice but art is a journey, if you reach the end of the journey, you won't need to worry about anything much at all! Previously all the work that I have done around this brain worm has been in sketches, paintings and charcoal. It was last year that I started to seriously think about bringing these elements in to fabrics and my corsetry.

I suppose it was the red and black patchwork corset that made me think of it or it was this that made me think of the design for the patchwork corset, which ever way it works, this has to be the point where I decided to combine my old fine art obsessions with corsetry.

One of the first things that I began to wonder about in a fine art perspective to fabrics for corsetry involved what could be created on them. I am still so fascinated by the idea of making a corset in plain canvas and coutil decorating the whole corset in abstract elements inspired by the abstract painters and drawn entirely in Biro.

Appliqué has always been a great fun favourite of mine, mixing textures and colours to create images and patterns.
I didn't think about what I was using here, I just
grabbed some scraps to see how I liked the effect in finer fabrics than I would normally use for appliqué and to
see how I could make it work to decorate corsets.
Quickly playing around I came up with a few elements that could be developed.

Just recently I had the opportunity to examine some Georgian dresses which has been a great inspiration, 1774 is definitely a fabulous era and has a huge wealth of elements that can be worked in to corsets and dresses today and some of those elements can be incorporated in to a fine art approach particularly when it comes to the colour schemes, embellishments and patterned fabrics.

I started to play around with some ideas
with black detail on an ivory brocade back ground.
I have some mixed feelings about the results here, there are some elements that I do really love, possibly not on a Georgian gown but I can see an awesome corset coming out of this. I did an experiment with some more neutral colours and digressed just a little but I will have to show you the results of that tomorrow!

Bound By Obsession corsetry


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