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Well the link works but its not actually as fun as you think it might be! It needs a thumbnail I think but that could take a while!



I've made loads of changes and updates to the website which includes my fiancé adding one of these click to share buttons which I am testing out now, well kill two birds with one stone and all that!


Designing new corsets

This is one of the best part of corset designing, starting with a blank sheet of paper and scribbling down some sketches, bouncing ideas around, playing with shapes, lines, colours, textures, different fabrics, different details, planning all the little extra details.

Lilli-kad photography

These are the amazing photographs that were the result of collaborating and working with a true photographer artist in Australia, Lilli-kad photography. The copy right for the images does belong to her. Have a look at her flikr site to see just more of her beautiful photographs.


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The Best Victorian Jewellery

The Best Victorian Jewellery
Flighty Victorian Diamond Swallow Pin

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