modern corset art

Bezerk corsets

This underbust from Bezerk corsets is fab, gorgeous curves!!

Toulouse Lautrec - femme mettant son corset

I love this painting by Toulouse Lautrec showing a woman lacing up her own corset though I wish Toulouse was as obsessed with corsets as I am and showed more detail, it would be a fabulous piece to reconstruct!

Toulouse was a huge fan of burlesque and spent a lot of time in Moulin Rouge and similar cabaret houses doing many artistic studies of women.

Fashion in 1882

I stumbled on this by accident and found it really fascinating and so beautiful!

Fashion in 1882 from wikimedia;

Corset drawings.

My family and other victorians

I thought I'd start with some of the photos of the family and family friends that have inspired me so much throughout my life, one of my favourites is cousin Madge's wedding dress, of course she isn't my actual cousin and I never got to meet her but my grandmother would talk about her and that's what she always called her.

Cousin Madge

William and Jane





Bill and Jessie


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